Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Long time, No write!

WOW it's been since 2009 that I last wrote? Shame on me! So much has happened in this time, where do I begin? Well since this blog was born with a newfound passion for distance running, let's recap what has happened since that first marathon in January 2009!

* Have since run 2 additional full marathons, Delaware in May 2010 with a time of 4:27, and Disney in January 2011 with a very nice PR of 4:08. Delaware was a disaster of epic proportions, but I despite many problems I still managed to hobble across the finish line with a better time than previous. Disney '11 was amazing... a strong and memorable race to which I can truly say I enjoyed tremendously.

* Have run several half marathons, including the Disney Princess in 2010, setting a new PR of 1:46, and followed that up at Gasparilla 2011 with a time of 1:48.

* Started swimming! Took a real swim lesson and have been working very hard to perfect this very difficult and technical sport so I can move onto my next athletic challenge... triathlons!

All training will be put on temporary hold for new life circumstances... more details to follow! :0

Anthony is now 4 and in pre-K. He is a smart, handsome, polite, and amazing boy. I am so lucky to have him! He always makes me smile, and his hugs and kisses are the best parts of my days. The pic is of me and my boy at Adam's sister's wedding this summer... what a suave little man!